If you are reading this, you may be thinking about how you can help our patients. We can exhibit compassion for humanity, care and concern for elderly people in many ways.

    For our hospital, donations are critical in helping to pay for our patients' healthcare costs as most of them cannot afford to pay for the hospital stay, and have exhausted their financial resources from a long journey in various healthcare institutions.




Your generous donation will be used to help our sick, elderly and needy patients. BVH’s annual subsidies to our needy patients amount to more than $3 mil. We are able to provide these subsidies because of your generosity.



    Please issue a crossed cheque to "Bright Vision Hospital" and mail it to:
    Bright Vision Hospital
    5 Lorong Napiri
    Singapore 547530

    Do remember to write at the back of the cheque: your name, NRIC, contact no. and address.

  • CASH

    You can donate by paying cash to the cashier at our reception counter from Mondays to Fridays 830am to 530pm.


    For greater convenience, you can log on to SG Gives charity donation portal at https://www.giving.sg/bright-vision-hospital and make a donation by internet banking or credit card.

  • GIRO

    Contributions can also be made through GIRO. You may choose to contribute any amount (no less than $5). This amount will be deducted from your bank account on a monthly basis. Kindly print out and complete the GIRO donation form and mail it to :

    Bright Vision Hospital
    5 Lorong Napiri
    Singapore 547530

Thank you for your generous contribution and care for humanity

Bright Vision Hospital is an Institute of Public Character (IPC) with IPC No: HEF0076/G. Your personal donation is eligible for tax deduction. Please provide us your particulars especially your NRIC/FIN No. for submission to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore for automatic tax deduction. For non-individual donors, please provide ROC No./ RCB No.